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Welcome to all VOIP business partner.We provide mobile dialer using  from Middle-East country’s  such as UAE, KSA, QATAR, OMAN, LIBYA and maximum Destination of  world. We have many mobile dialer and various qualities & working all block country’s. If you search high voice quality mobile dialer. Then we provide perfect solutions to you. We have many dialer such as_ FAST VOIP  (Euro)     Voipdiscount  (Euro)_,  _internetcalls_(Euro)__,  _IRFN PHONE_,  SaudiNet_,  Dillixpress_, City-Telecom,   Airport_,    Nimbuzzbd_,   _Dhaka express__,    _Wataniya express__,  _Yahootel_,     Only dudai_,     Runatel_,      Prime Voip__,    _Active call__,    Saditel__,         A1 Voip__,    Fire-1_ ,    Fire-3__,    One&One,   Lead_,   Orchid__,  M dialer_,   moittry_,     Voicetrigger__,   Tick-Talk__,    _Mobi Link__,    Desh-Bondhu__,        &  Flexiload_,
and many more dialer available. Only provide wholesale price and prepaid.

  we are one of the leading VOIP Reseller service  in VOIP market.
we have strong  white  gray and E1 and A2Z route for our customers.
we have largest number of customers in middle east.you can call more then 300 destination Around the world by using our mobile dialer.if you want to take our service, if you want to use our reseller panel Level3 please let us know.
Bangladesh VOIP, Mobile Dialer, Net2Phone, Web-phone, PC2Phone for Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and middle eastern countries. Reseller Module, Wholesale Module, Gateway clients, Call shops, IP PBX, IP IVR modules available. Direct cheapest wholesale (with quality routes) call termination to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.with a low rate.  level 3.2.1 available. DUBAI, SAUDI, OMAN, Qatar, Libya and other country supported.

We have excellent quality Bangladesh IGW 100% white CLI port. Dedicated port will be provided upon request.Excellent ASR and ACD stat.Also Available: Bangladesh Gray. India Premium. Pakistan ( White/Grey ). Nepal (Grey/White). Srilanka ( White/ Grey ). Egypt ( White/ Grey ). Philippine ( White ). Middle East& Many Others* MOBILE DIALER** PC2PHONE DIALER FOR UAE*** Device 2 Phone Support**** CDR for PC2Phone Calls ****Billing: 1/1.Payment: Strictly Pre-paid.

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K.S.A Mobile: 966535564541.

Maldives  Mobile: 9607692615

Email:– sherajaul@yahoo.com

Email:– sherajaulbd@yahoo.com